Rémy Schilperoort MSc PhD has been working in the field of Urban Water since 2004. He specializes in wastewater monitoring and is involved in a number of monitoring projects in sewers and treatment plants. The common driver in these project is the urge to really understand how these systems work in practice and to not simply rely on their theoretical functioning. The ultimate goal is to contribute to better funded spending in Urban Water in the Netherlands and abroad.

A thorough system understanding often starts with collecting monitoring data. There is, however, no such thing as a quick monitoring project. Each project, irrespective of size, requires a careful preparation, a proper installation of sensors, verification of sensor functioning, data validation and sufficient understanding of in-sewer processes to interpret the monitoring data. Rémy combines scientific ‘state of the art’ knowledge with ample practical experience to make monitoring projects a success and a sound basis for policy decisions.

Rémy is eager to share his knowledge and experience and to continue learning from others. Together with clients, he frequently publishes new findings in national and international literature and presents these at conferences. Also, he gives lectures in the Netherlands and abroad on recently developed monitoring techniques and their applications in sewer systems.